Posted on 18-Jul-2018



Choosing who to work with as your digital marketing partner can be a minefield. The reason is that although most people are regular users whether that’s searching for some information on Google, reading an email offer from a trusted supplier or updating your status on Facebook there is very little knowledge of the underlying workings & how all the different aspects of digital marketing are supposed to work with each other. The other complication is the rapidly changing nature of the industry; nothing says the same.

At KUB, we use a diagnostic approach. This means we sit down with you and use a structured process to identify what is currently working and what isn’t. We are both project managers in digital marketing and specialists in content delivery, lead generation using LinkedIn and conversational marketing.

So how do you select a digital marketing partner?

• What is their knowledge & experience?
• How do they interact with you? How do they determine what you need?
• Will they offer to help you develop a digital marketing plan?
• What monitoring & analysis do they offer? How often do they report on the performance of your digital marketing?
• If you have somebody who is tasked with delivering some of your digital marketing, does the agency offer any coaching support?

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