Posted on 20-Jul-2018



We are often asked, “What do we need to do with our digital marketing?” The answer with digital marketing is very much, it depends. Here are some of the basics:

• Do your customers search for your products or services or do you find them?
• Which social media do your customers use?
• How do your customers check out potential suppliers?

Determine the answers to these questions and you will have taken the first step to understanding whether you need inbound or outbound digital marketing strategies.

Examples of Inbound:
• Having a good web site that can be found on Google.
• A Google advertising campaign that helps you get found.
• Great quality content that helps people solve their problems.
• Consistent posting of content (written/images/videos) on appropriate social media so that people interact and contact you for more information.

Examples of Outbound:
• Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn ads that show in a potential prospects home page.
• Remarketing (this is where you may have landed on a web site and then an advert follows you round on social media, mainly Facebook).
• Direct messages on LinkedIn and Instagram in particular.
• Email marketing to GDPR compliant lists.

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